"Our mission and vision is to help improve the quality of life of our elderly-loved ones and their caregivers through an awareness program."



Background and Rationale of BMI


(a non-stock, non-profit organization geared towards the welfare of the Filipino elderly) Adele Joaquin, the President of BMI, and also having been the primary caregiver for her mother with vascular dementia for sixteen (16) years made her realize that caring for the elderly requires so much more than just mere physical presence. It requires dedication, a working knowledge of proper caring for them and a servant heart. Unfortunately, there are so many of those who do not know nor are properly trained to handle similar situations in the family. In the Filipino culture, the elderly live with their families, but there is a lack of education on the participation of family members in care giving, more so in the sharing of responsibilities. Thus, there is a need for public awareness and education on the principles and techniques in caring for the elderly within the context of the Filipino family system. For this reason, Adele founded the Bantay Matanda, Inc.


The purpose of Bantay Matanda is to look after the welfare of the elderly in society through projects that increase awareness of the needs and concerns of the elderly. The association was registered on August 3, 2005. As a new organization, it is envisioned that the programs of the Bantay Matanda will include: (1) Workshops on caring for the elderly and their caregivers (2) Golden Moments - a weekly one-hour television program (3) Daycare facility for the elderly and (4) Caregiver school for non-formal education of caregivers. The hub of operations for the organization is at the Bantay Matanda Center located at 8 South A Street, Quezon City.